Letter from your Pastors. COVID-19

Greetings Family and Friends of Messiah Lutheran Church!

We hope things are well with you as we all continue to journey prayerfully and carefully during this current reality of COVID-19. We continue to remember you all in our thoughts and prayers—trusting that God is giving us all the wisdom, boldness, and courage to meet the challenges of each day.

Remember—through all this time—we are trusting God, taking care of ourselves, watching out for one another, and keeping our prayer lives alive and well!

We hope that you are also remembering that we will get through this—and we will get through it together! We are continuing to work on assembling small groups of people to check in with one another, encourage one another, maybe run an errand for one another, and for sure to pray together. This will help us to not only talk about the church, but to BE the church—the Body of Christ—together!

Please know that your church is here for you—and we will stay in contact with you in various avenues of communication. Last Sunday, March 22, was our first video-taped worship on Messiah’s website! This coming Sunday, we will worship “together” in this way as well! Another exciting way to be church together!

Sisters and Brothers, even though the doors of our church are closed for now—to keep us all healthy—please know that God is still active in and though Messiah Lutheran Church! To keep our ministry alive and well and moving forward, we continue to need your prayers and gifts. In the weeks ahead we will enclose a return addressed envelope, but for now we say THANK YOU for your many expressions of love and support!

This weeks psalm, Psalm 130 is so appropriate for such time as this. It starts:

Out of the depths I cry to you O LORD…

O Lord Hear my voice!

Let your ears pay attention to my voice as I cry out to you for help!

How many times these last days have I cried to the Lord!! HOW LONG O LORD?


But the quieting note comes as the psalmist says,

I wait for you O LORD, My soul waits for the Lord! In your Word is my hope….

It is like the psalmist must read the WORD and be reminded of God’s promises and care...In becoming filled up with the WORD of God there is renewed HOPE that God has not abandoned us. Good News!! The Psalmist ends with:

Wait for the Lord O people, for with the LORD is never failing Love...

We will stay in contact! We hope you will too!

Pastor Tom and Pastor Louise

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