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Resources for Messiah’s Website

Messiah Lutheran Church—in the Center for Changing Lives—has a 112-year history of sinking its roots deeply into the fabric of its neighborhood—as it seeks to be an instrument of transformation—even as it is transformed itself.  Messiah is a place of welcome, safety, and building Beloved Community in Christ.

As we live out our mission statement:

“Energized by Worship, we reflect God’s Love in the community 

with acts of service that positively transform lives.”

we are calling attention to the following resources as we begin to climb out of the ashes of both the covid-19 pandemic and the racial tension and violence we’ve been experiencing.

Let us continue to reach out to one another with words and deeds of peace, and goodwill, and Beloved Community. 

Resources: About Us

RENTHELP-MN & Multifamily Grant Programs


Renthelp Application Link:

Mental Health & Advocacy Resources

Human Support Services

Mental Health

MN - Free Counseling

Resources: Image
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