Nurturing Beloved Community Since 1908

Messiah Lutheran Church has deep roots in the West Phillips Neighborhood of South Minneapolis. We were originally founded in 1908 with the goal of providing an English-language service for new Swedish immigrants in Minnesota, who wanted their children to learn about Jesus and practice English at the same time. In 2008, Messiah moved from its historic location and into a partnership with Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota in the Center for Changing Lives. Messiah is the spiritual component in the Center for Changing Lives--a multi-faceted ministry center in the heart of the neighborhood. 


Our goal is to be the bridge that connects suburban and urban neighbors, helping us all come together in Jesus' name. We are about relationships and building Beloved Community through mutual respect and shared giftedness.


Messiah has a deep commitment to youth.  Messiah’s commitment to Youth has been from the beginning when founders felt that services needed to be in English so the children could learn and participate. Messiah's Youth focus continued into the 1960’s, when we partnered with Our Saviour's Lutheran Church to create Kaleidoscope Place: an after-school tutoring center in the Phillips. Later, we created Bridge Kids: a program that invites neighborhood youth to participate in various fun activities throughout each month to help build community, fun, and hope. Today, we have a vibrant Sunday School ministry with a wonderful youth group. 


Messiah is diverse congregation, racially and economically. We are committed to feeding people through the Word of God and through community meals. We worship traditionally and with a spirit-filled blend of tradition, Christian contemporary music, and gospel. 



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