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Due to COVID-19 and the recommendation of the ELCA & Governor Walz, Messiah has decided to suspend Sunday worship, until further notice.

We make this decision prayerfully and will instead be sending letters out and posting podcasts of the sermon online. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and hope to resume Sunday worship at Messiah soon. 

“Energized by Worship, we reflect God’s Love in the community with actives of service that positively transform lives.Energized by Worship, we reflect God’s Love in the community with actives of service that positively transform lives.”



Nurturing Beloved Community Since 1908

Messiah Lutheran Church has deep roots in the West Phillips Neighborhood of South Minneapolis. We were originally founded in 1908 with the goal of providing an English-language service for new Swedish immigrants in Minnesota, who wanted their children to learn about Jesus and practice English at the same time. In 2008, Messiah moved from its historic location and into a partnership with Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota in the Center for Changing Lives. Messiah is the spiritual component in the Center for Changing Lives--a multi-faceted ministry center in the heart of the neighborhood. 


Our goal is to be the bridge that connects suburban and urban neighbors, helping us all come together in Jesus' name. We are about relationships and building Beloved Community through mutual respect and shared giftedness.


Messiah has a deep commitment to youth.  Messiah’s commitment to Youth has been from the beginning when founders felt that services needed to be in English so the children could learn and participate. Messiah's Youth focus continued into the 1960’s, when we partnered with Our Saviour's Lutheran Church to create Kaleidoscope Place: an after-school tutoring center in the Phillips. Later, we created Bridge Kids: a program that invites neighborhood youth to participate in various fun activities throughout each month to help build community, fun, and hope. Today, we have a vibrant Sunday School ministry with a wonderful youth group. 


Messiah is diverse congregation, racially and economically. We are committed to feeding people through the Word of God and through community meals. We worship traditionally and with a spirit-filled blend of tradition, Christian contemporary music, and gospel. 





Messiah serves youth and family through diverse and enriching events, classes, and clubs throughout the school year and summer.


The Confirmation ministry at Messiah is a three year adventure for all 6th through 12th graders. Confirmation invites everyone involved into a journey of faith and fellowship! Together, the group examines at the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Martin Luther’s Small Catechism through class events, multi-media, and field trips. Confirmation meets on Wednesday evenings during the school year, starting at 5:30pm for supper and wrapping up around 7pm. There are no fees to participate in this educational—and fun!—ministry. Parents & guardians are always welcome at all Confirmation events! Join us as we grow in Christ, and Christ grows in us! Contact the office for more information.

Passion Led Us Here


Messiah’s Youth Leadership Team is made up of young people in high school who meet one Sunday a month after Worship. The Youth Leadership Team helps chart the course for youth and family ministry at Messiah. They plan events, evaluate past events, and help develop our vision for the future—always keeping in mind our mission to build Christian Servant Leaders—both for tomorrow and for today. Being a part of the Youth Leadership Team takes work and effort—but we have fun doing it! Come and share your talents and maybe learn some new ones with our Youth Leadership Team! Contact the office for more information.


Messiah Bridge Kids is a bi-monthly field trip ministry for all Kindergarten through 8th graders! You are invited to join us as we continue to build Beloved Community through fun field trip opportunities that offer a wide range of experiences, and are always educational and fun. Most Bridge Kids field trips are free of charge—occasionally there is a small nominal fee. A complimentary meal is served at every Bridge Kids event! Parents and guardians are invited to join us and participate on all Bridge Kids field trips!  Come and help us build Beloved Community at Bridge Kids! Contact the office for more information.

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Messiah is blessed with a Sunday School that is made up of a wonderful group of multicultural, energetic, and creative young people. Together, the group meets weekly during the school year to enjoy each other’s company and to grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus!  Our Sunday School ranges in age from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and meets during the 11am Messiah Bridge Sunday Worship Service. We use the Spark Activate Faith Lectionary-Based Sunday School Curriculum as well as regular Bible Study, arts and crafts, singing, videos, and healthy snacks to learn and grow in our own individual Faith, as well as our Faith together. You’re invited to join us in this vibrant congregational ministry! Contact the office for more information.


Messiah serves adults in our community through enrichment classes, studies, and consistent outreach and educational events.

Messiah hosts a variety of community outreach events each week: community meals, celebrations, and more.

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Come feast in the Word for spiritual nourishment followed by a meal and fellowship for physical and relational nourishment. Join the Adult Community Bible Study as they enhance their understanding of God's Word made incarnate in Jesus Christ, the Word's significance and application in their lives through sharing day-to-day stories. Each week, the Bible Study group chews and digests lectionary readings from preceding Sunday. "Come and be transformed by the experience of being close to the historical Jesus of Nazareth." Adult Community Bible Study meets Tuesdays from 10:30-12pm, followed by lunch, and Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30, followed by dinner. Contact Rich or the office for more information


The Men's and Women's Breakfast meets on the second Saturday of each month from 9 to 10:30am. The group shares a breakfast and discusses a Bible reading. The varied experiences and points of view of those attending lead to an opportunity for learning and growth, as we listen to each person explain how that reading has impacted their everyday lives. All are invited and welcome. Contact Rich or the office for more information.

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We believe “Our God is able, all the time Our God is able.”

There are many opportunities and options for volunteering with Messiah - something for everyone. Come and be with us as often as you like for this mutually enriching experience of community-building. Once here, we know you will want to come back again and again.

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At Messiah, building a beloved community is a big part of our mission and history. We build community by creating bridges that help us connect as human beings. We have various informal gatherings around communal meals through which we try to make such connections. Preparing and serving food is a big part of Messiah's ministries. Help with food preparation and clean up is always needed--no cooking skills required! Contact Messiah to volunteer or to get more information about helping with any of the following meals: 

Tuesday lunch: 12pm after Community Bible Study

Wednesday supper: 6pm, Confirmation and Young Adult Bible Study groups

Thursday lunch: 12pm, Community Lunch

Saturday breakfast (second Saturday of every month): 9am, Men's and Women's Breakfast

Sunday lunch: 12:30pm, after 11am Worship Service

Contact Rich or the office to volunteer or to find out additional information.


Youth and Family volunteer opportunities are many and varied, depending on the time of year. Opportunities include: coaching basketball, tutoring, teaching Sunday school, providing transportation to youth events, mentoring, just to mention a few! Contact the office to volunteer or to find out additional information.

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Community Bridge, one of Messiah's partners in ministry, offers a Food Pantry twice a month. The Food Pantries are scheduled for the second Friday and the fourth Saturday of each month. Exceptions occur around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, for which the Food Pantry will take place the Saturday before each Holiday. Help is always needed from about 8am to 12pm. Duties include setting out food items, bagging groceries, assisting people from the community, preparing and serving food, and helping with clean up. If you are bilingual in Spanish/English or Somali/English, we definitely could use your help! Contact the office to volunteer or to get more information.



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